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The Biggest Cause Of Climate Change

by vishaurav
climate engineering

A methane blow hole in Siberia

Is Global Warming Real?

Many people are waking up to the fact global warming is a real phenomenon, particularly in certain parts of the world, however, the truth is, climate change has been largely manufactured. For many years now, the military have been playing around with climate engineering, their aim being “to own the weather by 2025”.  However, the truth is, they already “own the weather”. Currently they are carrying out global climate engineering “research” programs to cool the planet and this is now compounding weather problems and causing all sorts of knock on effects.

I first woke up to climate engineering in 2013 after we had had a whole year of rain here in the UK. The UK is used to having a lot of rain, but this was ridiculous. From April 2012 through to April 2013, month after month, it rained. Gradually, I began to wake up to the fact, this really wasn’t natural and something must be going on to cause this perpetual rain. I began to notice every time there was a bit of blue sky, again and again I would notice white trails in the sky and then it would cloud over again, and rain again.  So I began to look on line to find out what these white trails in the sky were all about and it brought me to “climate engineering” or “geoengineering”.  

My introduction to “climate engineering” began with the brilliant documentary film “Why in the world are they spraying?”

Since I woke up to this subject in early 2013, even just in my little part of the sky in the UK, I have noticed constant chemtrailing / climate engineering.

I noticed, during the terrible floods at the end of 2013 / beginning 2014, they never stopped climate engineering, indicating to me, the whole disaster was not just some natural phenomenon, it had all been manufactured to cause fear, and fear of the future.

All I know is, when I extrapolate the constant climate engineering I have personally witnessed in my little part of the sky in the U.K., across to all the other parts of the UK, and the rest of Europe, across the US and across the world, all I can say is, there is a hell of a lot of climate engineering going on, so no wonder global warming / climate change is accelerating so fast.

The kind of money that has been spent on this program which has decimated the fragile atmosphere and weather systems around our planet, beggars belief.

The following part of this blog was sourced from www.geoengineeringwatch.org  – to see original post click here

An excellent synopsis of what is happening:  Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare and the Collapse of Civilization

Planetary Meltdown From Formerly Frozen Methane

Our planet is changing at lightning speed toward a state of existence that will no longer support life. If there is not a complete change in humanity’s direction, global extinction is a mathematical certainty.

The people who run the major corporations and Governments in our world, literally seem to have no regard for life.  While they squeeze the life out of poor countries like Greece, they are secretly literally pouring billions and billions of dollars into climate engineering and accelerating global warming at break-neck speed.

Climate engineering stands out above all others, as being the epitome of insanity, as it has single handedly created a chain of disastrous consequences that is leading us with absolute certainty, towards the end of the world as we know it.  Yet no one is talking about it!  Why?

The real cause accelerating global warming

“Burning 1 hectare of grassland gives off more damaging pollutants then 6000 cars.” Allan Savory


Our planet is in total meltdown at the moment as global warming goes out of control.

The reason no one in the media is talking about climate engineering is because it is being carried out with the secret approval of our governments….. (The best way to hide something is to put it in front of your eyes!).

The corporations/pharmaceutical industry, the banks and the military are all involved, and the media is governed by the same people who govern those institutions, so the truth is purposely being hidden from the masses of humanity, who would never suspect in their wildest dreams, what is taking place.  Most people just believe the white trails in the sky are ordinary jet trails and just sometimes the atmosphere is colder than at other times, which is why you can sometimes see them and not at other times.

The reason the Government does not support a free press, is they do not want too many independent journalists investigating things the government doesn’t want them looking into. Having Murdoch and his people running things means the Government can dictate what gets printed and what doesn’t and they can steer things the way they want.

The truth is, we are being led like lemmings towards the edge of the cliff, totally unaware that we are facing imminent chaos and long term suffering.  The rapidly thawing global methane deposits will very soon determine our collective fate if the releases continue. Methane is releasing at an ever increasing rate from lake and sea beds around the globe, especially in the Arctic.

The real cause accelerating global warming

As formerly frozen methane hydrate / clathrate deposits on sea and lake beds thaw, the methane migrates to the surface where it can be temporarily trapped in the ice. As global ice deposits melt and recede, more and more methane reaches the atmosphere.

In the photo below, methane is temporarily trapped in the ice.

The real cause accelerating global warming

Another recent and extremely alarming phenomenon, which is currently occurring in Siberia, is thawing permafrost, releasing vast amounts of methane: subsurface methane pressure builds up and is creating massive methane blowholes. (see photo)

Methane blister

Atmospheric methane is virtually skyrocketing past levels never before seen.

As methane releases, it fuels “climate feedback loops” that trigger even more methane release, which increases global warming even more. We are literally on a runaway train.

Climate engineering has to STOP and it has to stop NOWto have even the slightest chance of allowing the Earth to heal.

The real cause accelerating global warming

The increase in global warming has been causing the thawing of methane deposits, and that is now so profound that extremely alarming releases are now occurring in regions where such phenomenon have never happened before.  The 30 second video below is one example of an incident that just occurred in Ontario, Canada.

 Who is to blame?

The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the people running the most powerful Governments, Corporations, Banks and Military in our world. They are wholly responsible for the policies which have led to creating the current extent of global warming and climate change, and they continue to cause untold havoc and damage to humanity and the Earth, and it is time for these people to be seen for who they really are.


Whilst these people talk about working for the greater good, their actions do the very opposite.

They carry out false flag events, rig elections, fund terrorism, and cause untold chaos and the greatest possible harm to the greatest number of people, all towards creating greater central control, putting more and more power into the hands of the few.

John F Kennedy was someone who was fully aware of the secret mafia, which is why he tried to warn the press and get their support in his fight for more transparency and freedom.  Here is his famous speech.

Climate engineering began around a hundred years ago and has gradually been gathering momentum ever since.

The following 13 second video shows you how rapidly global warming has taken place over the last sixty two years.

However, instead of our Governments looking for ways to stop the policies which have contributed to global warming, they have looked for a pharmaceutical approach to dealing with it.

Media correspondents need to wake up!

The Greatest cause of Global Warming

The following is a demonstration of how a microwave pulse triggered the strongest storm ever, which hit the Philippines in November 2013. (The Philippines now has a huge American military base there. where thousands of homes used to be.)

Is there hope?

Yes, absolutely!

The Earth CAN still heal but it needs for the majority of humanity to wake up!  if there is going to be climate engineering, it needs to be done for the good of humanity and Earth, NOT to be used for control and as a weapon.


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