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GcMAF – Cure for Cancer, Autism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other diseases

by vishaurav

David Noakes here, speaks about GcMAF and how it’s able to cure cancer, AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other diseases.

As soon as I heard Dr Noakes, I was interested to find out if this was real or not. I soon discovered that despite many people benefiting from the treatment, it had somehow been deemed unsafe!

I later then heard that Dr Jeff Bradstreet, a graduate of the USF College of Medicine and a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, who had recently published the first paper describing GcMAF protein therapy for autism, had been found dead in a river, with a gun shot wound to his chest, after an apparent suicide.

I was shocked, but decided to keep searching, since it had to be important, if people were being killed because of it!

I then discovered the treatment Dr David Noakes was talking about had been transformed into a different procedure – a possibly even better one!  I discovered it was now actually possible to buy the ingredients and make-up a formula of GcMAF for oneself and administer even larger amounts than was possible before, thanks to the persistence of Dr Marco Ruggiero, an Italian Professor, who has been working on GcMAF research for many years.

Here is Professor Marco Ruggiero giving a lecture in 2016 at the Autism conference.

Cancer cells destroyed by First Immune GcMAF (gcmaf.eu)

What is GcMAF?

GcMAF  or Glycoprotein Macrophage Activating Factor is a protein our body naturally makes. But when our bodies are under constant assault, GcMAF can disappear from our bodies, and it is then that we are vulnerable to the takeover of cancer and many other infections and diseases.

“Bravo is a System for Making a New Ecosystem & NOT Merely a Probiotic”  Dr Jeff Bradstreet, MD, MD(H), FAAFP

All healthy humans make GcMAF in their gut. But the problem is viruses, parasites and cancer cells secrete an enzyme called Nagalase that stops our bodies making GcMAF. Research studies have shown therefore, it is possible to see the overall health of a person by measuring the level of Nagalase. If there is a strong presence of Nagalase, by boosting the levels of GcMAF, it is possible to boost the immune system and regain balance, and see off any chronic infection and/or serious illness, like Cancer, HIV, Autism and so on.

GcMAF – Cure for Cancer, Autism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and many other diseases

The following is a summary of some of the illnesses that appear to involve significant immune dysfunction:

  • AIDS
  • Cancer
  • Autism
  • Crohn´s Colitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Candidiasis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Heart Disease  (?)
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lupus
  • Severe IBS
  • Parkinson’s
  • Obesity  (?)

In the book “Your Third Brain“, Dr Marco Ruggiero talks about us having three brains: the first brain being the brain in our heads, the second brain being the lining of our gut – a microbiome (a whole universe made up of healthy microbes living in our gut and skin etc, which have their own connections and intelligence, and connect with our main brain) and then there is our third brain: our intuition.

The Third Brain

This view is challenging our antiquated ideas of the “location” and origins of various diseases and disorders. For instance, “neurological or brainbased” disorders such as depression, may very well have their true root origins in the gut!

Science now knows that there are more neuronal cells in the gastrointestinal tract than in the human brain, making the gut a kind of “second brain.” These second brain neurons are tightly wired to the first brain. All neuronal cells “talk” to one another through the production of chemical messages called neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine. The big discovery here is that it is not just the brain that makes neurotransmitters, the microorganisms in our gut also make neurotransmitters.

How they shut down the European laboratory

 5th GcMAF Conference – 2017 Moscow – David Noakes

So can we still get a supply of GcMAF to boost our immune systems?

The answer is, YES!!!

How to get GcMAF and prepare it

The main world distribution centre is https://www.bravo-europe.com/

If you are living in the States, you can either order it from the link above or get it through John Gray at MarsVenus at:  http://www.marsvenus.com/p/gcmaf-bravo-probiotic-yogurt

See video by John Gray in above link for an excellent summary and explanation of how to prepare the mixture.


UK Bravo Probiotic Store

Cancer cells turned back into healthy cells by First Immune GcMAF

Elevated enzyme found in most cancer patients, could GcMAF be the cure?

GcMAF and Alternative Cancer Treatment

Natural News – Investigation into the death of Dr Jeff Bradstreet

Discussion about how vaccinations not only have mercury, aluminium, propylene glycol, etc, but they have also been putting nagalase, the precursor to cancer, into them too.

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