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How Cannabis Can Help

by vishaurav

“It is beyond my comprehension that any humane person would withhold such a beneficial substance from people in such great need simply because others use it for different purposes.“    Stephen Jay Gould, Harvard University

Partial transcription of above video

Ava Marie: From a scientific perspective, can you explain to the average listener how cannabinoid oil works on a cancer cell?

Dennis Hill: First let me talk about the normal system and how it works against cancer. We make cancer cells all the time. You know, just if DNA goes haywire, you get an out of control cell, and if it aggregates, then it forms a tumour. But it starts off as a single cell with an aberrant DNA. Well, the immune system knows about this and the endocannabinoid system, which is part of the immune system, goes to work on it. 

Now an interesting thing about cancer cells is that when a cell goes cancerous, then an increase in the number of receptors for cannabinoids, increases in the cell. So, when the body’s own immune system senses this, then the endocannabinoid that the body uses, called anandomide, mates with these receptors and stimulates the production of a chemical called ceramide, and ceramide is like the seal team. It goes in and kills the target.

When ceramide is produced in the cancer cell, it kills off the mitochondria, and once the mitochondria is dead, the cancer cell can no longer survive.

Now when the immune system becomes overstressed through illness or injury or stress, then it gets behind on killing cancer cells, and it doesn’t take much to get behind on killing cancer cells.

So, if you develop a tumour and there are all of these cancer cells, then you take a cannabinoid supplement, the cannabinoids go into the circulation and mate with these receptors on the cancer cells, which produces a flood of ceramide.

Now because the DNA of cancer cells is distorted / it’s damaged, the body senses this and knows that this cell is sick, and the job of ceramide in the normal body, is to kill damaged and dying cells, so it senses that the cancer cell is abnormal and knows that it needs to die. And so that’s why, there’s an increase in the number of receptors on the cancer cell. So when the additional cannabinoids reach the cancer cell, they lock on to it and send the ceramide out to destroy the mitochondria and together they kill the Cancer. 

Ava Marie: Amazing!

Dennis Hill: It is an amazing process and there is a lot of science on this pathway. There are a lot of researchers that are working on this in Europe.

Ava Marie:  What countries in Europe?  Germany?

Dennis Hill:  Well Italy. I see a lot of publications coming from Italy and and several other countries are doing a lot of research on this, and fortunately a lot of the scientific articles have been translated into English.

Ava Marie:  Marvellous!  Well, we need to get rolling here!  Right?  We need to get on the bandwagon here too, in the United States. 

Dennis Hill:  Well, for three months, I took my daily dose of one drop.

Ava Marie: You took 3 months to get rid of your cancer?

Dennis Hill: Well in three months I went back for my next exam, and they found that the prostate had reduced in size by almost half. So the neurologist told me, he said, “the tumour is gone”. And this is really stunning that in three months, the aggressive metastasising tumour was gone.

Ava Marie: And you had no radiation, no chemo?

Dennis Hill: No radiation, no chemo and no surgery. But I did have another exam, an independent exam, just to make sure, and that doctor found that there were still some tumour cells and so I continued the course. And these were metastatic lesions that had not been killed yet. So I stayed on it for three more months.

So the total course was 6 months and then the biopsy result, after six months, was completely clear of cancer.

Ava Marie: So it really took you six months to be cured of prostate cancer.  What stage cancer were you when you started?

Dennis Hill:  Stage 4.

Ava Marie: Oh, that’s very advanced.

Dennis Hill: It was very advanced and it was very aggressive.

Ava Marie: Weren’t you told by a doctor that you may not be with us much longer if you didn’t start some kind of treatment? I think he wanted to do radiation and cautioned you that you may not be living after about 6 to 8 weeks, if you didn’t start something soon.

Dennis Hill: He was a little nervous about it but I didn’t hold him responsible and if my herbal therapy did not do what we wanted, then we could still go and do the other treatments.

Ava Marie: But you did not elect to do both at the same time?

Dennis Hill: I didn’t see any reason to do that for myself. And I can only talk about myself, I wouldn’t recommend any particular course to anybody.

Ava Marie: Well, we could just continue and continue and continue on this, but this is revolutionary, and if people want to suffer and they want to take the hard road, they can, but if they want to try an alternative route, they have a choice, no matter what kind of cancer you have. You have another choice and it’s pain-free,no side-effects. The cannabinoid oil only targets the cancer cell, it does not weaken the immune system. If anything, it sounds like, it supports it.

Dennis Hill: It does!  It is an immune system support, simply because the endocannabinoid system is already set up. The cannabinoids and the body’s own anandomide are the same, they act on these receptors. So, when the amount that you get from the body is not enough, you can supplement it with its counterpart from the cannabinoids.

Ava Marie: Marvellous!

Dennis Hill: It is marvellous.

Ava Marie: And thank you so much for your testimony and your time and your humanitarian, you coming forward, standing in your truth, you will help a lot of people. Thank you!

Dennis Hill: Thank you! You’re welcome!


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