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What Actually Happened on 9/11

by vishaurav

Dr Judy Wood describes in meticulous detail the truth of what actually happened to the World Trade Centre buildings on 9/11.


A Brief Bio of Dr Judy Wood

Dr. Judy Wood was a Professor of Mechanical Engineering with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering, an M.S. in Engineering Mechanics in Applied Physics, and a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering Science (1992), from the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. Her dissertation involved the development of an experimental method to measure thermal stresses in bi-material joints.

Her research expertise involved experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, deformation analysis, materials characterization and materials engineering science, which involved testing materials, including complex-material systems in the area of photomechanics, or the use of optical and image-analysis methods to determine physical properties of materials and measure how materials respond to forces placed on them. Her area of expertise involves interferometry in forensic science. Dr Wood taught graduate and undergraduate engineering classes and has authored or co-authored over 60 peer-reviewed papers and journal publications in her areas of expertise.

No one was better qualified to analyse the anomalies of 9/11 and say what actually happened on that day.

Since 9/11 Dr Wood has dedicated herself to studying the subject, applying her expertise in materials science, image analysis and interferometry, to a forensic study of over 40,000 images, hundreds of video clips, a large volume of witness testimony, analyses of dust samples, seismic data, and the analysis of other environmental evidence pertaining to the destruction of the World Trade Center complex. Dr. Wood has conducted a comprehensive forensic investigation of what actually happened physically to the World Trade Center site on 9/11.

Based on her analysis of the evidence she gathered, in 2007, Dr Wood filed a federal Qui Tam case for science fraud against the contractors who contributed to the official National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report about the destruction of the World Trade Center towers. This case was filed in the US Supreme Court in Dec 2009.

To this day, Dr. Wood’s investigation and body of evidence, as compiled in her book’, ‘Where did the Towers Go?‘ is the only comprehensive forensic investigation in the public domain.

Dr. Wood started to question the events of 9/11 on the day it happened, when what she saw and heard on television regarding the reason for the collapse of the buildings couldn’t be true.  From that day onwards, she used her knowledge and all her years of expertise in engineering mechanics to prove that the collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers could not have happened as the American public were told, but rather had to be the result of some other kind of technology, as yet unknown to the pubic. Dr Wood systematically collated and studied the facts and the evidence is irrefutable!

What actually happened on that fateful day is beyond most people’s comprehension.


 “Truth will ultimately prevail, where there is pains to bring it to light.”  

George Washington

Where did the building go?
Figure 1. My intellectual integrity prevents me from calling this a collapse. This is why I have chosen to stand up. My conscience leaves me no other choice.

Dr Judy Wood’s website

Where Did The Towers Go?

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