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MMR does trigger autism according to whistleblower

by vishaurav

In a world of universal deceit, just telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”Quote George Orwell

Dr Thompson, a senior scientist at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in August 2014, became a whistleblower in July 2014, when he revealed the fact that the CDC were fully aware of the known risks of the MMR vaccine back in 2000, and that they knew then that it does trigger autism and other side effects,.


[pullquote-right]Dr William Thompson, a Senior Scientist at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has come forward and admitted to 13 years of fraud and cover-up of the link between MMR vaccine and autism.

“They were ordered to cover it up!”

Great thanks and great credit go to Brian Hooker, the father of an autistic child and vaccine researcher, for helping Dr William Thompson, a senior veteran scientist, an epidemiologist statistician at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, to have the courage to come forward and admit to the fraud and cover-up of the link between MMR vaccine and autism.

We’ve gone from autism being 1 in 30,000 to 1 in 68 now. And the prognosis is if we carry on with the current vaccination program we are on, those being born today, according to the CDC’s own numbers, will be 1 in 25  in 2025, and eventually it will be 1 in 2.


 They hid the result

By November 9th 2001, 13 years ago, senior CDC scientists knew that younger age exposure to MMR was associated with an increased risk of autism.  In 2004 they published, but hid the result. MMR was declared safe.

Dr Coleen Boyle, one of the named authors of the MMR study, published back in 2004, testified before the Oversight Committee on Government Reform in 2012 and said: “The IOM (Institute of Medicine) has evaluated this issue back in 2004, and then most recently in 2011, and their conclusion, not just looking at the work at the CDC but the total body of evidence, and it suggests that vaccines and their components did NOT increase the risk for autism.”

What Dr Boyle did not tell Congress was that she and her colleagues had deliberately concealed the autism vaccine link with the MMR vaccine from the Institute of Medicine and the public.

They knew the vaccines were causing autoimmune disorders and inflammation on the brain and the intestines and stomach, and was brain damaging millions of children every year, but they chose to cover it up.

The British Medical Association adamantly insisted regarding the MMR vaccine, “there are no links to autism.” Turned out the BMA had already done a similar study years before, and already knew Dr Wakefield’s suspicions were right.

Dr Wakefield lost his license because he proposed a study should be carried out on the possible link between the MMR vaccine and autism , based on the repeated evidence he had received from parents, who said their children were fine up until they had the MMR vaccine:  Parents who weren’t anti-vaccine, told the same story again and again: regression after immunization; asthma after immunization; allergies after immunization; became insulin-dependent; children who started head banging because they were in such pain; got tourettes syndrome or tic, eczma, hay fever, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, a squint, and so on.

MMR more dangerous to boys

Dr Thompson admitted the MMR was more dangerous to boys and it tripled autism in black male boys. He saw it and pointed it out to the highest level in the CDC, and instead of being acted upon was disciplined instead.

7Ben Zeller

Ben Zellor (video), in photograph before and after the MMR vaccine.

The case was taken to the Federal High Court and it was proven, Ben Zellor became autistic following receiving the MMR vaccine.

 Autism is just the tip of the ice-berg

Autism is the tip of the ice-berg. More often problems show up in a variety of different ways: learning difficulties/ADHD/ADD/inability to concentrate for long periods of time, allergies, digestive disorders, tics or tourettes syndrome, asthma, diabetes type 1 and so on.

The overall effect on countless children and people, generation after generation, is to gradually to lower the population’s health and I.Q..

“If it shaves a few points off a person’s I.Q. how long would it take for anyone to discover?” Dr Andrew Wakefield”

The corporations are not liable

The corporations won a mandate that vaccinations did not have to be safe or even partially safe, they just needed to say they were safe and effective and the Governments passed laws that the pharmaceutical corporations would not be liable for any problems that might ensue.

For example, despite the fact it has been known for many years, mercury is one of the most destructive and potent neurotoxins, it is still put into vaccinations given to babies and pregnant women.

Video made back in the 50 or 60’s showing how mercury destroys brain neurons

The following is the transcript from a CBS News report promoting mercury in 2004:

Mercury-containing vaccines may help, not harm kids, according to two new studies in the Journal of Paediatrics. There have been widespread concerns that mercury based preservative in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children. But these new studies suggest the opposite, that the preservative may actually be associated with improved behaviour and mental performance.”

 The MMR measles vaccine wasn’t working so they fixed the test

A case was launched by Stephen A. Krahling and Joan A. Wlochowski, accusing Merck of causing the U.S. to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for a mumps, measles and rubella vaccine that did not provide adequate immunization for mumps.

“When they discovered the vaccine wasn’t working and they were seeing a lot of outbreaks of mumps in highly vaccinated populations around the world, they were told by the FDA, either you prove what it says on your product inset (96% percent protection) or you lose your license.  They had two options: they could act in the children’s interests or in Merck’s interests. So they acted in Merck’s interests, and fixed the test.  They added rabbits blood to it.” Dr Andrew Wakefield.

They asked him to fix the data and delete what he’d written before, and write some new numbers to convince the FDA the vaccine was 96% effective.

 Dr Thompson raised his concerns back regarding the MMR vaccine in 2001/2002. He went right to the top of the CDC to Julie Gerberding, who then later went from the CDC to become head of the global vaccine program at Merck. Eventually Dr Thompson took them to a whistleblower court and filed a case.

Current case against Merck, regarding Gardasil fraud, is now proceeding to trial. 

 Vaccines are giving rise to new strains of viruses

Rather like the antibiotic resistant bacteria, we’re now seeing new strains of diseases emerging e.g. new strains of measles.

It has been found that super mutant strains have been arising amongst children who have been vaccinated and children who weren’t vaccinated are immune to it.

For example, pertussis/whooping cough is resistant to the current vaccine in use. So what the pharmaceutical industry have done is to introduce a new vaccine, a booster. This then gives rise to mutant strains of whooping cough and so more vaccines are created. The idea is that we find ourselves on a treadmill for the rest of time because not only will children have to have the existing pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine but they will also have regular boosters.

Due to the problem of vaccines creating super strains of diseases, there has been an explosion of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, particularly in children: a growing incidence of illness around the world from immune diseases such as asthma, eczma, hay fever, allergies, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, insulin dependent Diabetes and so on. All are at unprecedented levels.

It is well known that the incidence of measles was going down a long time before the vaccination was introduced ( as can be seen in the graph below) due to improved sanitation standards, so the question is, are vaccinations really necessary at all or are they just a way to weaken our immune systems and make us more dependent on the pharmaceutical industry.

0707275measleslog (1)_opt (3)

The side effects of vaccines on the brain

According to Dr Russell Blaylock vaccines in general compromise and suppress the immune system.

“Normally, the brain’s immune system, like the body’s, activates quickly and then promptly shuts off to minimize the bystander damage, however vaccination won’t let the microglia shut down. In the developing brain, this can lead to language problems, behavioral dysfunction and even dementia. In the adult, it can lead to the Gulf War Syndrome or one of the more common  neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s dementia or Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS).”  Dr Russell Blaylock

 Dr Blaylock goes on to explain what happens to the brain when vaccines are given.




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