Media On Trial -May 2018

Postnote: Vanessa Beeley:

“I would like to add to that, I think, apart from the complex sort of, on the ground in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen, in Palestine, in Venezuela, everywhere, there is a greater battle going on. The purpose of the war propaganda is to dehumanise our enemy and what I believe there is an attempt to do, is to distance ourselves, to distance us from other peoples, from peoples in Syria, in Yemen, in Iraq, in Libya, as though they are the people over there. They’re not. We are all part of this human race. We’re all part of humanity.

And what our governments and the ruling elite, the establishment, the media, the think tanks, what they are all focused on doing, is forcing us to forget that and to disconnect from the rest of humanity, and so I think yes, all of these esoteric messages that we’re getting are very related to that, they’re very related to making us feel exceptional. I mean we see that in America, even the most simple Americans will consider themselves to be exceptional because it’s so inbred into them. It’s not their fault, but it’s a form of gas lighting; it’s a form of mental programming that has gone on for decades.

And so in a sense, what we all need to do is to break out of this abuser/victim paradigm and recognise that we do have an identity; we do have knowledge; we do have wisdom; we do have history; we do have the intelligence and the capability to fight this. We just need to tap into it and to stop being persuaded that we shouldn’t rely upon our own ability to judge situations. That’s what’s being taken away from us, our self-identity, our belief in our ability to judge a situation to come to logical conclusions.

And this guy over there demonstrated it perfectly. Brilliantly. He used his mind. We’re all ordinary people, but we’ve all decided, hang on, this doesn’t make sense. And so we’ve all got to kind of find the courage to do that because that is what is being drained from us by all of these entities.

So, I mean all of you have sort of put your finger on different aspects of it, but it is simple, as Tim said, it’s about you. It’s about changing you and discovering the courage to believe in yourself again because that belief has been taken away from you, as it is in any abuser/victim relationship.”



Please also watch: ‘Hacking Justice’  – A MUST watch about Julian Assange and his fight for life over the last few years because he dared to publish the truth about Government cover ups and international crimes. Julian Assange has now been in solitary confinement for 72 days in the Ecuador Embassy in London’s West End, a few yards from Harrods. He has endured 2,179 days without daylight and is currently denied visitors, phone and internet access, he is also denied hospital medical care, which he needs. His crime is he is a journalist who exposed UK and US government corruption.


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