Glyphosate: The “Safe” Herbicide that is making us all sick – Dr Stephanie Seneff


Dr Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Most of her career has been spent creating spoken computer dialogue systems that allow computers to communicate with humans. About ten years ago, Dr Seneff became interested in Autism because she was worried about what kind of environmental factors might be causing the obvious sharp increase in the incidence of Autism, so she started investigating.  The above video lecture looks at all the factors that show that Glyhosate, the so called “safe herbicide” is making us all sick.


“Glyphosate is making us sick!”

Below is a beginning part of the transcription of the video – I highly recommend watching the whole video

Okay so my talk is on Glyphosate and I think all of you know what Glyphosate is, is that right?  Great!

I was excited to see this article in the New York Times, just a few days ago, because the mainstream has been very slow to adopt this point of view. And the two people who wrote this article said,

The GMO experiment, carried out in real time and with our entire food and ecological system as its laboratory, is perhaps the greatest case of human hubris ever.  It creates yet another systemic ‘too big to fail’ enterprise, but one for which no bailouts will be possible when it fails.” Mark Spitznagel and Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Glyphosate: The "Safe" Herbicide that is making us all sick - Dr Stephanie Seneff

Okay, so here’s where we’re going with my talk. We’ll have an Introduction first and then I going to specifically talk about Glyphosate and manganese, which I think is a crucial part of how Glyphosate causes harm and is also linked to autism. I’m going to talk about the gut microbes and how Glyphosate disrupts them and how that can lead to obesity and other kinds of problems. I’m going to talk about Cancer. I’m going to talk about other species in distress besides humans. What we can anticipate looking forward if we stay the course. And then finally, taking action. I’m going to try and put a little more time into taking action. We’ve got a lot of movement going on.  I’m very excited about different ways people are trying to make the change that we need to get past this phase in human history where we are all being poisoned.



The U.S. makes up:

  • 5% of the worlds population and consumes more than 50% of the world’s pharmaceutical drugs. 
  • We spend more in healthcare than Japan, France, China, UK, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Spain and Australia combined. 
  • We rank last or near last among the developed nations on infant mortality and on life expectancy.
  • We also suffer from many chronic diseases
  • We consume 25% of the worlds Glyphosate supply. 

I think these are all directly connected!

Glyphosate: The "Safe" Herbicide that is making us all sick - Dr Stephanie Seneff

This is a book that I highly recommend.  I just finished reading it and I don’t read many books, so this is really gripping.  He did a great job.  This is Stephen Drucker and he’s showing much of what Judy talked about, how reckless they are, in introducing all of these genetically engineered crops and how their science is so inadequate to show that these crops are actually safe. And so these institutions have systematically contorted this truth to conceal the risks for over 30 years. And here’s a quote from the very end of his book, the last paragraph, it is:

We don’t need new laws, we don’t need new research, we just need new awareness. All that is required, is for a few key people, or enough people in general, to learn the basic facts, and when that happens, as it is bound to, it will bring the fact–averse GE food venture to an end.” 

I think that’s a great quote and I think that’s what we need.  We need to work this at grassroots from public awareness.  Everybody who knows, should tell everybody they know, and get this message out and get the change implemented. It can’t rely on the governments to do it for us.

Seneff 3

This is what scared me and what started me looking into autism.  This is a plot of the trends of autism in the United States, going back to 1975. 1975 was when glyphosate was introduced into the food chain and the autism rates have been going up ever since. They’ve been going up exponentially.

This is the exponential curve and so what we also don’t realize, is that those kids who are showing the 1 in 68, which is the most recent number, those are kids who are 12 years old when they measured it. So you’ve got to move another 12 years into the future to see what’s happening to kids being born today. And so we need to plot this thing up and see where is it going to be in 12 years.

Seneff 3.1

You can actually take a log and if it’s an exponential growth, you’ll get a straight line.  This is a very good model – a straight-line. You can extend that line into the future and you can ask, “when will we have half the children born end up on the autism spectrum?”  And the answer is, 2032!   Very  very soon!

Seneff 3.2

And if this happens, you know, this country is no longer going to be great. We are going to be spending all of our time taking care of those autistic kids.  So we need to do something fast!

Why the sharp rise in Autism?   That was my big question!  And I looked at a lot of things over the course of eight years. After five years of seeking, I was still stumped and that was when I heard Don Huber talk.  As Melissa said, Don Huber gave me the answer. Because he showed all the things Glyphosate was causing to human health and those were the things I knew were happening in autism and I didn’t understand what was causing them. It was a perfect match.

Seneff 4,1

This is roundup! And you can go buy it in any hardware store and put it on the weeds in your yard.  Nobody is going to stop you.  You could even do it carelessly without worrying about the fact that your child is right next to you.  This needs to change.


And here’s a plot of the trend of autism.  If you look at the actual statistics of how many kids are diagnosed with autism, according to this benefit program in the U.S., in first grade, and you get this – the blue boxes. Then you can look at how much Glyphosate was used on corn and soy crops over the previous four years – that’s the red line. And those lines perfectly matched ……… .9972 correlation coefficient: exactly tracking the same trend.

Seneff 5.2











To watch the whole presentation click HERE

Dr Stephanie Seneff’s collection of published papers on glyphosate

U S Congressional Hearings in 2016


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[…] Glyphosate: The “Safe” Herbicide that is making us all sick – Dr Stephanie Seneff […]


[…] Glyphosate: The Safe Herbicide that is making us all sick […]


[…] Glyphosate: The Safe Herbicide that is making us all sick […]


[…] Glyphosate: The Safe Herbicide that is making us all sick […]