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“Energy is Consciousness and Consciousness is Energy”

by vishaurav
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When I first heard this little quote “Energy is Consciousness and Consciousness is Energy” by E’Asha Ashayana back in 2002, it was a revelation. Now it seems, thanks to the findings of quantum physics, this understanding is now common knowledge.  Since the discovery of quantum physics, scientists have learnt how the world works on the smallest scale, at a level far smaller than the atom.


As scientists studied the nature of reality on a smaller and smaller scale, something strange began to happen: The deeper we went into reality, the more it seemed to dissolve from view. The search for the smallest known particle of matter instead turned up distinct yet elusive little packets of energy, which physicists called quanta.

The Einstein breakthrough came down to this: Everything is Energy. A rock, a planet, a glass of water, your hand, everything you can touch, taste, or smell – it’s all made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of protons and electrons and neutrons, which are made of nothing but vibrating packets of energy.

Thought influences matter

Within twenty years of Einstein’s radical work, another revolution occurred, just as cataclysmic as Einstein’s.  It started with two of the early pioneers of the quantum world, the Danish physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg.

They discovered subatomic particles weren’t “indivisible particles” and nor were they neat miniature solar systems as they had been led to expect, but rather they were more like tiny packets of potential .

Heisenberg discovered what he called the uncertainty principle which stated that it was not possible to measure all of a subatomic particle’s properties at the same time, because what they found was, the act of observation influenced these particles’ behavior.  They found even the mere intention of measuring particles, even without carrying out the actual act itself, would affect their behavior.

Gradually it dawned on them, consciousness affects matter.

The zero-point field

As scientists continued to pursue research, they eventually found themselves staring at something truly confounding, they termed it the zero-point field (ZPF).  They found at this most infinitesimal of levels, some sort of force appears to be present, even at a temperature of absolute zero, when all known forms of energy vanish.

Here, beneath the level of energy itself, exists a still more basic level. The field at this level is not exactly “energy” any more, nor is it a field of empty space, scientists see it rather, as a field of information.

To put it another way, the undifferentiated ocean out of which energy arises appears to be a sea of pure consciousness, from which matter emerges in clustered localities here and there.

” Consciousness is what the universe is made of: matter and energy are just two of the forms that consciousness takes.”

Thought Creates Everything!

Once we begin to know that everything is energy – and all energy is consciousness, that there is no absolute distinction between matter, energy  and consciousness, then the boundaries between the physical world and the world of our thoughts start to disappear.

So what are we saying here? That everything is made of thought? That thought creates the physical world? Yes, that is exactly what we’re saying.  Here, in a nutshell, is the conclusion so far of humanity’s epic quest to understand the world:

  • Everything in the physcial world is made out of atoms.
  • Atoms are made out of energy.
  • And energy is made out of consciousness.

Your thoughts not only matter, they create matter.  Thought is where everything comes from!

For more information read The Answer … this excellent book from which I have taken the above information, puts in a nutshell how far science has expanded in its understanding.  It goes on to explain in very descriptive and simple terms how we can literally change our world by focussing on exactly what we want.


For a more in-depth understanding read:  Dr David Bohm’s book: “Wholeness and the implicate order”

Definitely, what we focus on, expands!

We just need to wake up to realizing how powerful each of us really is, in this process of world transformation!

An example of how thought changed his environment is a man called Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len who used something called Ho’oponopono to cure a whole hospital of criminally insane patients, without ever seeing a single patient! For more on this

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