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Belief and Success!

by vishaurav

Belief and Success!

Belief is critical!

Have you ever heard the saying, what we believe, we create? Well it now transpires, that  saying is not fiction, it is based on scientific research and evidence – the science of neuroplasticity. 

Our beliefs are literally the most important and critical factor of all in determining the outcome of our lives.

A perfect example!

W Mitchell was travelling along the highway at sixty-five miles an hour when suddenly something on the side of the road caught his eye. When he looked back in the direction he was travelling, he only had a second to respond.  The Mack truck in front of him had suddenly come to an unexpected stop, so instantly, in an effort to save his life, he laid his motorcycle down into a sickening skid that seemed to last forever, and in agonizingly slow motion, he slid beneath the truck. The gas cap popped off his motorcycle, and the worst occurred: the fuel spilled out and ignited. His next moment of consciousness was the experience of waking up in a hospital bed in searing pain, unable to move, fearing to breathe.

Three-quarters of his body was covered with terrible third-degree burns, he was completely disfigured and had no face.

But despite all, he struggled back to life and resumed work and continued his training to become a pilot. He completed his training as a pilot and in 1975 co-founded a company called Vermont Castings along with Murray Howell and Duncan Syme. The company made energy-efficient wood-burning stoves and was later valued at $65 million. Then on a business trip for his company Mitchell was involved in a flying accident where he injured his spinal cord and was left paralyzed from the waist down.

But again despite all, in 1977 he was elected Mayor of Crested Butte, Colorado, where he stopped AMAX (now Freeport-McMoRan) from building a billion-dollar molybdenum mine on Mount Emmons, because of the anticipated environmental impact!

W Mitchell went on to lecture all over the world giving inspirational talks to rich and poor people everywhere, with psychological blocks.

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it, that matters.” W. Mitchell

The truth is if your core belief is, what you do with your life is your responsibility, then you have the possibility to create whatever you want!

If we fundamentally deep down, believe it is possible, then it is!


Conditioning wires us

From an early age, we are taught to think a certain way, act a certain way, speak a certain way and so on, and through the experiences of our childhood, coupled with our parents’ beliefs, experiences, fears and environmental factors, conditions, etc, our thinking and behaviour can gradually become wired in a certain way. Our unconscious will try and protect us from more pain, but often it can come at a price and the very thing we are afraid of, we can end up manifesting.

So how do we make change happen

Fundamentally, all it takes to change our lives is to change our beliefs.  What we believe, we create!

However, it isn’t always as simple as clicking our fingers and deciding, ok, I  am going to think, feel and behave differently now, I am going to succeed.

Our unconscious will automatically try to protect us from making mistakes and for better or worse, will continually get us to revert back to the default, even if that means more pain, rather than breaking out of the pattern and creating a whole new way of thinking.

We need to retrain our brains, because to the unconscious, the known option is the always the safer option!

So how do we change our beliefs?  

The quickest way I know is through Psych-K !

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