Tommy Robinson and Free Speech

What is all the fuss about?

Tommy Robinson (AKA Stephen Laxley) was arrested for reporting on a trial where ten muslim men are currently on trial in the UK for their roles in a “grooming” gang, where young girls are taken and repeatedly gang raped for days on end. Tommy Robinson was outside the courthouse reporting on the story, when the police suddenly, for no reason, arrested him. They told him he was being arrested for incitement, for creating a disturbance and for breaching the peace, all of which was untrue. He was actually reporting on the subject because the mainstream media hasn’t touched it and because, again and again the people in these “grooming” gangs are let off with very light sentences or no sentence at all.

Within a few hours of being arrested,Tommy Robinson was put him on trial and sentenced to 13 months in prison and sent to a general prison where the population is brimming over with violent Muslim offenders who hate him because he has been exposing what they are doing. Then to add insult to injury, the court then ordered that none of the media in the UK should report on the story.

Meghan Markel’s sister speaks out to free Tommy Robinson

31/05/2018 – Latest!

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