Julian Assange has now been isolated 15 days and things are critical

As Julian Assange comes to the close of his 15th day of complete isolation – no phone, no visitors, no internet, no access to medical care, after 7 years of no sunlight, we look at what has happened leading to the current crisis point today:

  • The Skripal poisoning occurred on the 4th March 2018.
  • Theresa May and her government then assumed it was the worst nerve agent possible, Novichok, so it had to be Russia.
  • Britain then expelled 23 Russian diplomats. Theresa May then looked for solidarity from the EU and US, and immediately, Poland, Italy, Denmark, France and Germany, showed solidarity. Altogether 14 European Union member nations announced plans to expel Russians. Then Trump showed his solidarity with the alliance, expelling 60 Russian diplomats and Canada then followed suit.
  • Julian Assange then tweets that the evidence is a bit thin surrounding the Skripal poisoning, and he also points to the fact that the Germans have arrested the legitimately elected President of Catalan, and the last time Germany did this, they handed him over to Spain and he was immediately killed.
  • The weight of the globalists then descends on the Ecuadorian Government and Ecuador is forced to comply. Julian is completely silenced and cut off from the outside world. (to see process of events click here)
  • Independent media then begins to cast more and more doubts on the whole Skripal story and it becomes clear the Skripal story is full of holes.

  • Then there is an official announcement from Porton Down declaring that they cannot categorically say that the poison was Novichok or Russian.
  • Following Porton Down’s revelation, the western alliance is put into an embarrassing position, so the question is what next while the majority of the public are still thinking, Russia is evil, thanks to fake mainstream media,
  • Trump declares he is going to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, keeping the patriots happy. But then suddenly there is a chemical attack in Syria, and guess who is to blame, Russia.
  • Taking the news at face value and trying to keep some balance in the situaion, Corbyn tweets: 
  • Trump’s rating meanwhile is soaring. In true form, he sends congratulation to Roseanne, capitalizing on her success of 18 million viewers. In return Roseanne gives Trump her full support. Trump’s rating goes above 50% of the population.  Trump used the opportunity just as he did with Wikileaks in 2016:

The truth, however, as we know, is he changed his tune completely when he got into office, as Christine Assange talks about, in her interview with Dennis Bernstein. 

As Ron Paul says, Trump’s words are very different from his actions.

  • But the Q team continue to feed “the patriots” hopeful breadcrumbs leading them to believe Trump is some kind of saviour, and when enough evidence is gathered, all the evil people are going to be put away for good, and America is going to be free and great again. Horowitz, for a start is a self confessed Zionist as we see here in this interview he had with Julian Assange and Slavoj Zizek a few years ago before Julian was incarcerated.
  • Meanwhile Trey Gowdy can’t understand why he is being hampered and hamstrung so much from carrying out his job

Then 04/09/2018, it is announced in outlets all across the media But today, 04/10/2018 Veterans Today just published an article declaring that the chemical attack in Syria was yet another false flag and the editor noted the following:

The US has made a glaring error, one that exposes more than simple fake terrorism.  The alleged “gas attack” in Douma, just outside Damascus was staged assuming that US controlled terror groups were planning on holding out until an American air attack could save them.

Instead, they surrendered hours later and were transported out of the area, leaving Russian troops to immediately move in.  No gas victims were evacuated with the terrorists, no doctors found, no “White Helmets” and no dead.

None of it even happened, worse yet, it all seems to have been filmed in Idlib, over 200 miles away.  Filming locations don’t exist in Douma.

Worse still, the area was immediately opened to the press but nothing was reported.  No video was taken, no victims examined, live or dead, but none of this was reported either.

This is living proof there is 100% control of Western media.

As John Pilger said in his interview with Dennis Bernstein:

What is happening to Julian is part of a very aggressive campaign against democracy, against dissent.  At the moment, that campaign is at a critical stage.

The threat was truth.

WikiLeaks emerged five years after the invasion of Iraq, which was started when governments lied about weapons of mass destruction.  That was the justification for the invasion of Iraq, which killed about a million people and caused the flight of some four million others from the country.

But we’re not talking about a war this time with a Middle Eastern country. We are talking about a war with the second most powerful nuclear-armed state.

But as Putin has made clear, the Russians have no intention of accepting this.  All of this borders on collective insanity. This can only end in the most horrific war that would devastate both sides, particularly exposed countries like Great Britain.  Those who stand against all of this have to be swept aside, the most prominent being Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

When you think back to 2016 and the leaked emails of John Podesta that revealed the direct connection between the Clinton Foundation and organized jihadism in the Middle East, that revelation tells more about the machinations of great power than anything else that has been published in years.

The same was true of the WikiLeaks revelations of collateral murder that Chelsea Manning leaked.  The power of that single video informed people all over the world of how wars are conducted by their own governments.  It changed or reinforced the perceptions of millions of people. A war has been declared on that kind of journalism.

You can see that clip in John Pilger’s classic documentary The War You Don’t See.

That film, which I made in 2013, was basically interviews with quite distinguished mainstream journalists on both sides of the Atlantic.  Their collective message was that, had the media not colluded with governments in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, had they not amplified and echoed the deceptions and lies of governments, there is a great possibility that that war would never have happened, all those people would be alive today, ISIS would not exist today and there might even be the beginnings of some kind of hope in the Middle East.

We shouldn’t forget this when we are thinking about the present situation, as Western governments provoke Russia and China.  We have 400 military bases ringing China but you hear almost nothing of these in the press. Russia is in effect encircled. Unless people learn of these incredibly important truths, nothing will be done.

This is exactly where we need the sort of structural reporting that Julian Assange does.  And this is exactly why they want him out of the way.

Today 04/10/2018 UK Column’s Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Vanessa Beeley bring us the news of where things are now.


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