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Breaking News 03/12/18

Jerome Corsi reveals truth about how the Clintons used their Foundation to steal money and commit despicable atrocities to innocent people.

BE Prepared 03.11.18 !

Arrests coming!  Possible false flag events!  Be prepared! CERN shut down – experiment caused huge explosion and three scientists killed. Lisa Mei Crowley Twitter Notable resignations      

News update 02/22/2018

Chairman Nunes Goes After Comey, Clapper, Brennan in Phase 2 of Trump Dossier Probe – THREATENS TO ISSUE SUBPOENAS SARA CARTER: Attorney For FBI Informant Demands DOJ Open Investigation Into Falsified Leaks to Media...

Analysis of the Parkland shooting, Mind Control and MK ULtra

Judicial Watch Targets Samantha Power in New Lawsuit Against State Department For Docs Related to Unmasking Scandal Trance Formation of America Tom Fitton: Trump Was Victimized, Targeted by FBI, Clinton Campaign, Russian Operatives, Obama...