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MMS for Autism

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You Are The Placebo – Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe Dispenza shares his story of how he was in a biking accident that left him with several crushed vertebrae and how he healed himself and walked out of the hospital in just...

The Sacred Plant

Cannabinoids – CBDs

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GMOs Revealed

GMOs Revealed

GMOs revealed In this wonderful first episode Patrick Gentempo interviews Dr. Zach Bush, Vani Hari, and Gunnar Lovelace. To buy the full series and support the movement go to GMOs Revealed All 9 episodes this weekend...

Bacteria and Cell Communication - Dr Zach Bush

Why Glyphosate Is So Bad – Dr Zach Bush

Dr Mercola interviews triple board certified Dr Zach Bush on why Glyphosate is so bad Dr Mercola interviewed Dr Zach Bush, a Triple Board Certified specialist in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice...

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Popular Foods To Avoid

Foods to Avoid     I am frankly shocked this information is not making front page news right now. Monsanto will do anything to bury this story… and as of right now, it’s working....

save the bees and ban glyphosate

Save the bees, BAN Glyphosate NOW!

On April 5th 2017 I was walking my dog in my local recreation area, in Bournemouth, UK, when I noticed two people dressed in full protective clothing, spraying all around the playground. I asked one...