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Wikileaks Started A New Era In Journalism

In Glen Greenwald’s interview with Ecuador’s ex-president Rafael Correa, in an exclusive interview with @theintercept , he denounced the treatment of Julian Assange as “torture”. Independent news journalist Stefania Maurizi gives her opinion on twitter Isaac...

The Build Up In The Middle East

It is interesting to note, according to BBC historian writer, Simon Schama, the Rothschilds own 80% of Israel. They also own Reuters and the Associated Press (AP), the largest press agencies in the world....

Why Julian Assange Is So Important

The full debate   Motivated by justice”: defending the world’s courageous people by Jennifer Robinson and Yorgos Boskos – 18 April 2018 US Aggression Towards Syria Escalates As Assange Remains Unable To Speak Out  – Elizabeth...

Dissenting Voices

Syria War Truth Banned on Facebook: April 13, 2018 – Veterans Today  

Voice of reason lost in clamour to go to war

Full UK Column report: Europe: Syria calling!   Julian Assange and Cambridge Analytica Nigel Farage breaks with ‘friend for life’ Donald Trump over military intervention in Syria — RT UK News